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Are Hybrid Cars High Maintenance?

2020 Honda CR-V Hybrid Touring on Highway

Gas prices are soaring and you’re in the market to look for a fuel-efficient model. Should you get a hybrid vehicle? Are hybrid cars high maintenance? In short, no! They actually require about the same maintenance a standard vehicle needs, and they even have fewer components given how they work on the Land O' Lakes roads. Not only will your drives be more efficient, but your drives will also remain reliable at an affordable price with a hybrid car! Find out more about hybrid car maintenance costs below.

Typical Hybrid Car Maintenance Costs

As you’re researching the auto services needed for a hybrid vehicle, you’ll see that it’s not much different than a standard vehicle. Hybrid vehicles will need oil changes around every 5,000 to 7,000 miles and will likely require similar maintenance items as vehicles powered by an internal combustion engine. The only exception is the replacement of a hybrid vehicle battery. However, many drivers have reported their hybrid battery to last up to 200,000 miles or more. Some advice we have regarding hybrid vehicle maintenance costs include:

Oil Changes

Since oil change intervals are similar to standard vehicles, the oil changes will cost the same on a hybrid vehicle.


Most hybrid vehicles have two batteries: a standard vehicle battery and a hybrid battery. The hybrid vehicle battery will likely need to be replaced similar to a standard vehicle battery and will most likely cost the same. In the unlikely event that the Honda hybrid battery needs to be replaced, the costs could be a bit more expensive. 

Other Wear & Tear Maintenance

Aside from hybrid vehicle battery replacements, other wear and tear maintenance items on a Honda hybrid vehicle will not be much different from any other vehicle. You can expect anything like tire replacements, lightbulbs, and other regular service items to be replaced at their recommended service intervals.

Benefits With Hybrid Car Maintenance

Hybrid car maintenance isn’t much different from any other dependable Honda vehicles, but when you choose a hybrid model, you’ll enjoy increased efficiency in Zephyrhills. This benefit alone will likely make the hybrid car maintenance costs worth it! If you’re still not convinced, some other benefits of maintenance on a Honda hybrid vehicle include:

  • Increased Brake Life: Hybrid vehicles use regenerative braking which uses the momentum of your vehicle to regain some energy for the battery. This regenerative braking system means that your regular brakes will be used less, resulting in increased brake life.
  • Longer Oil Change Intervals: Since your internal combustion engine may not always be running, the need for oil changes may be decreased. However, we recommend you have a trained professional check your oil regularly to ensure that your hybrid vehicle runs in tip-top shape.
  • Less Overall Maintenance: Similar to oil changes, you’ll likely need less overall maintenance with a hybrid vehicle. With the internal combustion engine being used less, there are fewer moving parts that will be worn down. Electric motors are also very simple and have few moving parts that’ll need to be replaced over time.

Get Hybrid Vehicle Maintenance Today at Wesley Chapel Honda!

Whether you’ve got a hybrid vehicle that you’re looking to maintain or you’re now all on board with getting a Honda hybrid model in Wesley Chapel, turn to Wesley Chapel Honda for help. Our professional technicians will know how to take care of your hybrid car! Contact us or better yet, schedule your visit now.


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