What Does the Honda and GM Partnership Mean?

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The Honda and GM partnership means that starting in 2027, millions of drivers around the world will be able to drive an electric car priced under $30,000 from the upcoming lineup that these two brands have created together. Despite more releases of electric vehicles (EVs), the cost to purchase and own an EV is still outside of most drivers’ reach and budget. To quickly solve this issue as well as achieve each brand’s respective carbon neutrality goals, Honda and GM have teamed up together. This partnership could also lead to more affordable, yet high-quality options in general, for drivers in Land O' Lakes and beyond. Find out more below!


When Will These Affordable Electric Vehicles Be Available?

Currently, GM and Honda are in the middle of designing, testing, and producing the shared technologies that they will incorporate into this all-new lineup. This includes shared Honda and GM electric batteries, like the solid-state batteries and GM’s Ultium battery technology. These affordable electric vehicles will be available by 2027, so they are definitely something to look out for in the future.

Need to upgrade your vehicle soon in Tampa? Discover the current Honda hybrid models (Honda Accord Hybrid, Honda CR-V Hybrid, and Honda Insight) at Wesley Chapel Honda. There’s also official word that Honda will be releasing an all-new, all-electric model called the 2024 Honda Prologue sometime soon!

What Else to Know About the Honda and GM Partnership?

There is plenty to be excited about with this Honda and GM partnership, but here are select details that you should definitely know if you’re interested to see what these brands are trying to do together:

  • This lineup will share a common platform, new Honda & GM electric battery technologies (such as solid-state batteries and GM’s Ultium battery technology), and materials (such as lithium-metal and silicon).
  • Honda and GM have an ongoing bid to generate more sales than Tesla.
  • Honda and GM also plan to target a bigger audience via the vehicle type. They will be producing more compact crossover vehicles, which is the biggest selling auto sector in the world with annual volumes of more than 13 million vehicles.
  • These major brands have collaborated previously when Honda previously invested $750 million in Cruise, GM’s majority-owned autonomous vehicle unit, while GM has produced two EVs for Honda for the 2024 model year. They have also partnered up on battery modules and fuel cell vehicles together!
  • Not only are affordability and accessibility priorities for this partnership, but environmental sustainability is also another priority. By working with one another, GM and Honda firmly believe that they’ll be able to achieve each company’s respective environmental goals faster. Honda wants to reach carbon neutrality on a global basis by 2050 while GM wants to achieve carbon neutrality in its global products and operations by 2040 and eliminate tailpipe emissions from light-duty vehicles in the United States by 2035.

Follow the Partnership’s Progress with Wesley Chapel Honda

Wesley Chapel Honda will keep you posted on the Honda and GM partnership’s journey if you’d like! Just contact us for more information. Curious about hybrids and EVs? Learn how hybrid vehicles work and how they differ from plug-in hybrids from Wesley Chapel Honda!


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