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Recommended Honda Oil


Motor oil keeps the moving parts of your car’s engine well-lubricated, so your engine will continue to run smoothly without any damage. Since it plays a key part in your car’s performance, you will want to make sure you’re using the right type of oil whether you perform oil changes at your garage or you bring it to our service center near Land O' Lakes.

If you drive a Honda, the best type to use is the Honda Genuine Motor Oil because it is specifically formulated for your model while meeting the brand’s engineering standards. In other words, Honda Genuine Motor Oil has been tested and approved by Honda’s very own research and development team, so it will keep your vehicle as close to the factory condition as possible. Keep on reading to learn more about what other motor oil you can consider, which is the recommended Honda oil filter, and what specific types of oil work best for the Accord and CR-V!

Other Honda Oil Types to Consider

The Honda Genuine Motor Oil is the only type that we strongly recommend for you to use in Tampa. However, in the chances where it is not used, you want to at least use a conventional motor oil of a premium grade or an ultimate full synthetic blend that has the specified viscosity grade indicated in your owner’s manual. If you have any doubts, be sure to check your owner’s manual to find out what motor oil type is required for your particular model! 

Viscosity Grade Matters for Honda Oil 

While the Honda Genuine Motor Oil is what you should be using in your car, you should recognize that each model will likely have a different recommended viscosity grade, especially if you don’t end up using the Honda Genuine Motor Oil. Always consult your owner’s manual for this information that is generally located within the Driving section or more specifically the Fuel Economy and CO2 Emissions subsection. As an example, notice how the viscosity grade is different between two models, the Accord and CR-V, as well as between the gas-only and hybrid versions: 

  • Honda Accord (Gas Only) Oil Type: P.551
  • Honda Accord Hybrid Oil Type: P.542
  • Honda CR-V (Gas Only) Oil Type: P.575
  • Honda CR-V Hybrid Oil Type: P.588

Honda Oil Filter

Not only does your vehicle need the right type of oil to perform the way it’s designed to, but it also needs the right Honda oil filter to keep the oil clean and in proper condition to do its job to support the engine. Despite there being several brands of oil filters for sale, your best bet is a genuine Honda oil filter that you can order from or find readily available at a certified dealership like Wesley Chapel Honda. Reports have suggested that these Honda oil filters are produced by Fram, an American brand that supplies automotive parts, including but not limited to fuel, air, and oil filters. 

Find Genuine Honda Oil at Wesley Chapel Honda Today! 

When your Honda model needs an oil change according to the maintenance schedule or you’ve noticed it’s dirty from your daily checks, head over to Wesley Chapel Honda to find the genuine Honda oil and oil filter that your car needs! Better yet, schedule your oil change visit with us now and we will take care of everything for you in the Wesley Chapel area. 


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